Cosmetici monodose

About Single-Doe Natural Cosmetics

What are the benefits of the single-dose natural cosmetics?

The single-dose natural cosmetics are the most genuine way to take care of your skin since they do not contain any chemical which may damage your epidermis.

What are the benefits of single-dose sachets for beauty products?

The single-dose cosmetics are handy, small and light at the same time. The tightly sealed Oil’à sachet can be carried everywhere without any risk of opening and product leaks. This means that no product gets wasted or remains unused. More importantly, the best hygiene is granted since the package is opened only when you use the product.

What does “100% natural” means?

Oil’à only contains the purest, unrefined oils and butter. Every component of this product is made with environmentally-friendly procedures. The body paper itself is made with vegetable, biodegradable fiber, it does not contain any harmful chemicals, and it was not tested on animals (cruelty-free).

Is Oil'à tested on animals?

No, Oil’à is 100% cruelty-free.

Does Oil'à contains silicones, petrochemicals or other harmful substances?

No, Oil’ à does not contain contiene parabens, SLS, SLES, synthetic compounds, silicones or additives.

How To Use It

How can I heat or cool Oil'à?

During the winter season, you can heat Oil’à by leaving it on the radiator for a few minutes or with an hairdryer. During the summer season you can put it in your fridge for about half an hour to cool it rather quickly.

How do I use Oil'à?

It’s really easy! Just open the sachet, grab the body paper and run it all over your body.

On what types of skin can I use Oil’à?

Oil’à products can be utilized on all types of skin. Follow our advice to find the right Oil’à product for your specific skin type.

When can I apply Oil'à?

Oil’à can be applied at any time of the day or night. Use it whenever you need its moisturizing, nourishing and refreshing action. Since it does not occupy any space, you can carry it everywhere: at the gym, at the beach, during holidays, at the pool and (why not?) even at your office.

Can I use Oil’à during pregnancy?

Yes! Oil’à is 100% natural and does not contain any harmful or dangerous chemicals.

Can men use oil'à?

Yes. Oil’à is a unisex product, and it is scented in a way that perfectly adapts to both male and female natural body odor.


Why is Oil’à different and unique?

Oil’à is the first and only patented, 100% natural Body Paper. It combines the benefits of a single-dose cosmetic with the advantages of a natural beauty product.

What is a Body Paper?

The Oil’à Body Paper is 20 x 20 centimeters (length x width) or 8’’ x 8’’. It’s made with a 100% vegetable fiber that is porous enough to retain the substance until it comes to contact with your skin.

Why is Oil’à travel-friendly?

Oil’à isn’t just travel-size, it is a real friend of all holiday lovers and traveling people out there! You can bring it everywhere, even during cruises or in your carry-on or hand baggage on the plane.

Is there a risk of oil smears?

There’s no risk of oil smears on your clothes or skin. Oil’à is measured to contain the right amount of oils with no risk of staining your clothes.

Is there a risk of product leaks?

No. The sachet is unbreakable and tightly sealed.

Why is Oil’à more hygienic?

Since it is a single-dose cosmetic, Oil’à is opened right when you’re going to use it.

Why Oil’à reduces waste?

he Body Paper is pre-dosed and totally disposable.

Where is Oil'à manufactured?

Oil’à is entirely produced in Italy, with nothing else but 100% natural, controlled ingredients.